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ifacepaint FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Please Note: It is the artist's discretion to paint a child with open sores, rash, sunburn or any other skin conditions. In addition, ifacepaint reserves the right not to service children who are sick or reluctant to be face painted. If your child has sensitive skin please request a patch test prior to being painted. Although unlikely, we are not responsible for any skin reactions to products. 

Are your paints safe for use on skin? What products do you use?

Yes. I ONLY use professional quality, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, cosmetic grade paints and glitters. All professional quality face paint ingredients are FDA compliant and are designed for use on all skin types. Products include Wolfe Brothers Professional, Paradise by Mehron, Diamond FX, Mehron Star Blend and various skin/makeup grade poly glitters.

Are you insured and can you provide a certificate of insurance?

Yes ifacepaint is fully insured by Specialty Insurance Agency and can provide a certificate of insurance upon request.

How many faces can you paint in an hour?

On average, I can accommodate 10-12 full face designs in 1 hour; 15-20 designs if the choices are smaller and/or less intricate.

Do you provide entertainment services other than face painting and glitter tattoos? Such as clown, balloon twisting, or airbrush tattooing.

No. I only provide hand-painted face/body painting and glitter tattoo services. Henna may be offered in the future.

How do I remove face paint?

Face paint is easily removed with mild soap and water. Baby wipes, baby shampoo, baby oil or essential/natural oils work great too, but are not necessary. Some darker colors will linger. If so, NO SCRUBBING; scrubbing can irritate gentle faces. Just apply moisturizing lotion, wait at least 30 mins, and wash again.

On clothes: Lighter face paint colors usually come out of clothing in a normal washing machine cycle. However, I recommend applying all stains with a pre-treater, such as OxyClean, before washing.

What are glitter tattoos? How do I remove them?

Glitter tattoos are great! An adhesive is applied over a stencil, then glitter is applied on top. Most glitter tattoos last 5 - 7 days with proper care. They are water proof, making them ideal for pool parties! Glitter tattoos are easily removed with a cotton ball of baby oil or 70% isopropyl alcohol.

Have boys coming to your party? Not to worry, I have numerous colors to choose from and over 50 stencils designed for both girls and boys!

How do I book or get a quote for your services?

To request a quote, send the following information using the contact form:

  1. type of service requested (ie. face paint and/or glitter tattoos)

  2. name

  3. email

  4. event date & times

  5. event type (ie. private, community, cooperate, etc.)

  6. venue location (ie. address or city,state)

  7. # of hours you wish to book

  8. # of kids you expect

To book, send the below information using the contact form. Afterwards, you will receive a confirmation email with an invoice for your records.

  1. type of service requested (ie. face paint and/or glitter tattoos)

  2. name

  3. email

  4. contact number you can be reached at on the day of the event

  5. event date & exact booking time (ie. 2pm-4pm)

  6. venue address

  7. personal/corporate address

  8. # of kids you expect

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